ARK-485 Aluminum Roller Rocker Arm System


All 400-425-455 engines using RT-685 roller tappets. For street and strip, requiring no machine work. Rockers have a 1.6:1 ratio, using a 3/8″ chrome moly rocker stud, 5/16″ guide plate, 9.500″ x 5/16 chrome moly pushrods, and 3/8″ poly locks for positive adjustment. Valve covers without baffles and sometimes two valve cover gaskets are needed to run these rocker arm kits. We recommend a maximum lift of .540″ and no more than 320 lbs. of open spring pressure. The pushrod lengths and stud sizes above are intended for cast iron heads. Specify all application data in comments.

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Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions20 × 6 × 3 in