We Sell Complete Custom Engines

Whether carbureted or fuel injected, we have the engine for you! Available payment plans, and our Mondello expertise, we’ll help you build the perfect custom engine for your Oldsmobile.

Give us a call at 805-237-8808 for more information and pricing.

Gallery of Custom Engines

Quay Webb 455 Olds fuel injected nitro motor with ported Edelbrock Aluminum Cylinder Heads.

Restoration 455 Oldsmobile Engine for George Schaeffer

Pro-Street Big Block for Lee Harris.

Stock 350 Olds Engine for our customer Todd Groth in Vicenza, Italy.

Mondello Blower Motor for one of our customers.

330 Oldsmobile engine for Paul Grigsby with chrome air filter, polished Offenhauser valve covers, serpentine pulley’s and chrome oil pan.

Elic Brymer’s 455 engine for his 1969 Trans Am. All shined up and ready for action!

Nelson Castrillon’s short block.

We’ve added your polished billet aluminum pulley system and belts for our customer Darryl. You are all set now with power steering, air conditioning and an alternator.

Chuck’s overhauled 455 engine. This engine sports aluminum heads, intake manifold and water pump. It also features a set of Offenhauser finned aluminum valve covers. We hope you enjoy it Chuck!

Complete engine comes carburetor to oil pan. If you are interested in a turn-key engine, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-322-4489. Edelbrock Aluminum Cylinder Heads and complete pulley/bracket systems are extra.

Here is an update for Ned Peterson of his new 455 Olds with Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads and carbon fiber valve covers and all the polished goodies.

Check out this polished fuel-injected beauty built for our customer Jim Theusch! Set up for a four-speed manual transmission, this 468 cubic inch engine also has a set of ported Edelbrock heads, pushing it into the neighborhood of 500 horsepower with plenty of torque. This beast also has an oversized oiling system as an added insurance policy, not to mention a Mondello blueprinted short block. If you’re interested, give the tech guys a call, they just might share the recipe.

This is our 470ci Oldsmobile motorhome engine. Built with Edelbrock Aluminum Heads and Manifold, H-Beam Rods, and an 800cfm Carburetor, this engine is sure to give you many years and many more miles to travel around the country.

Hey Larry, Sr! Gather everybody up at Red Hoagland’s to check out your new engine. You are going to love your new 485 cubic inch Olds with dual carbs and Edelbrock Aluminum Heads.

Mondello Purple 403 Engine for Trans-Am’s. This engine sports Edelbrock Aluminum Heads, a polished manifold and can come complete with headers.

This is a 455 built just for David Shaw. This engine sports Edelbrock Heads and Intake Manifold, which have been port-matched. Everything has been cryogenically frozen to last. An 8 quart pan and appropriate oil restricted pushrods, cam bearings and of course oil restrictors in the mains insures proper oiling for the entire engine. David also asked for steel pulleys and headers, however these are not shown here. Don’t worry David, we didn’t forget about those, they just didn’t make the picture.

Todd Nakaya pulled this 350 engine from his 1970 Cutlass Convertible. We performed a complete rebuild for him including the polished manifold you see here. All of Todd’s parts were cryogenically frozen for durability. He really didn’t want a tremendous amount of horsepower as he has no intention of racing or driving particularly hard. He wanted something that would idle smoothly and ‘run without annoying characteristics’. An ‘occasional cruiser’ with emphasis on reliability. He plans on installing a 4-speed automatic transmission with a new rear end.

This engine was built for our customer Joe Wojcik. The carburetor and valve covers were all mounted, however, we thought Joe might appreciate a look at the manifold stuffer and rockers.

Our Mondello Valve Covers with K&N Washable Breathers combined with our Stage VI Quadrajet Performance Carburetor
OEM W30 Manifolds and the famous Mondello Stage VI HEI Distributors
Braided fuel line kits, and check out the Mondello Alternator Bracket
Send us your tired Olds engine and let us restore it with or without OEM parts. Choose your rebuild parts for Street, Pro-street, Drag, or Marine applications.
Get 500 hp from your engine with our Pro-Street options like ported and matched head/manifold combinations, 870 CFM carburetors, and complete oiling systems.
Our performance engines can be built (or rebuilt) with steel or aluminum heads. At Mondello's, we build our engines according to our customer's needs. Call us today and tell us what you want to get out of your Oldsmobile engine.

Oldsmobile Big Block Blueprint

  1. distributor
  2. water outlet
  3. intake manifold
  4. turkey tray
  5. oil filler tube
  6. camshaft
  7. cam gear
  8. cam bolt
  9. water pump
  10. dampner
  11. dampner bolt
  12. timing indicator
  13. timing cover
  14. timing cover gasket
  15. oil slinger
  16. timing chain
  17. eccentric
  18. crankshaft gear
  19. galley plugs
  20. rod bearing
  21. main bearing
  22. crankshaft
  23. main cap
  24. oil pan gasket
  25. front / rear seal
  26. oil pan
  27. oil pick up
  28. oil pump
  29. oil pump drive shaft
  30. starter motor
  31. dust cover
  32. flexplate
  33. bell housing
  34. connecting rod
  35. piston
  36. lifter
  37. exhaust manifold
  38. valve cover
  39. valve cover gasket
  40. rockers
  41. cylinder head
  42. head gasket
  43. distributor hold down
  44. distributor gear