CT-850 Full Length Windage Tray


This full length, steel alloy formed crankshaft windage tray fits crankshaft counterweights so snugly no skimmer baffle is needed. Tray fits Olds engines 330, 350, 403, 425 & 455.  If using with main studs & straps then use ST-942 or ST-947 Main Stud and StrapKit with stand-off studs. Note: This is a hand fit tray and sometimes the oil pan must be heated and formed to fit the No. 2 main studs & front of the tray. Always check dipstick tube and indicator clearance on all custom oil pans & windage trays. Specify engine size in the “Comments” section of your checkout form when ordering.

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Additional information

Weight4.6 lbs
Dimensions18 × 10 × 4 in