Dave Engel’s 1970 W/30 Post Coupe

“As you know, it helps to be a quart low to own an “Olds”, and we fit that description at my house! My wife Patty and I have raced this car for 5 years and have had alot of fun doing so. Thanks to Lynn and all the staff at Mondello’s who have helped me all the way.”
– Dave Engel

Engine: 1970 Olds 455 c.i. stroked to 496. Girdled bottom end.
Induction: Big block Batten Intake reworked to fit the Edelbrock Heads
Heads: Edelbrock Aluminum Heads with titanium valves 2.19 intake and 1.72 exhaust. Custom ported to flow 355 at (7) and hold it through (8).
Camshaft: Mondello special grind .759 Intake, .749 exhaust roller cam.
Pistons: Flat top Ross 13.5:1
Rings: Sealed Power plasma moly.
Crank: 455 steel crank stroked 1/4″.
Rods: 7″ Manley aluminum.
Ignition: MSD Billet 9.8 mm wires. 7AL2 ignition box and blaster coil.
Timing Chain: Billet True Roller.
Water Pump: Meziere electric-no alternator Fuel System: Mallory 280 with return.
Exhaust: 2″ to 2 1/8″ step Headers by Ed. 34″ primary tubes – 4″ collectors.
Trans: GM Turbo 400 trans with grinder brakes and safe neutral – 5500 stall converter
Starter: Winston Cup Mini Starter
Chassis: Adjustable upper control arms and no hop bars. GM 12 bolt 4.56 pro-gears, 12 way adjustable Hal shocks rear and Competition Engineering 6 way in front.
Misc: This car has a full interior and weighs 3400 lbs with driver. Car ran 10.21 at 134 mph at Great Lakes last year with no 2nd gear. This car has not seen any street driving for over 20 years.
Dyno: 735 hp and 650 lbs of torque on Superflow SF-901 Dyno.

If you want more details, call me at 763-323-4850.


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