Gregg Grubel’s 1970 Olds 455

“I want to thank Lynn and Joe for making available the parts and technology to have fast Olds power. To move a car this heavy with ancient suspension technology takes horsepower. Thanks again Lynn and Joe.”
– Gregg Grubel

Engine: 1970 455 +.030
Induction: Mondello/Offy Super Sonic w/1050 Holley Dominator.
Heads: Mondello/Edelbrock all out comp ported.
Rockers: Aluminum roller with stud girdle.
Camshaft: Engle JM-5-1 roller with Milodon gear drive.
Pistons: Arias light weight flat top, heads milled for 13?to 1 compression.
Crank: Steel supplied with blockless engne kit from Mondello’s.
Rods: Aluminum Manley.
Ignition: MSD Distributor and digital 6 Plus box.
Trans: Turbo 400 with 8″ 5000 stall ATI converter
Flywheel: Mondello Inertia. Headers: Home-made 2″ x 34″ with 3?quot; x 9″ collectors.
Body/Chassis: 1951 Chevy sedan…3400 lbs 9″ Ford rear with 4:56 gears, leaf springs front & rear with South Side Machine lift bars, 30.0 x 11.5-15 Goodyear slicks on 10″ Bogart wheels, front wheels are old 14″ x 6″ Fentons with 185/70R-14 Goodyear tires.

This car was built at home and is run mostly at Nostalgia and Oldsmobile drag races. Best E.T. 10.11, best MPH 133.

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