Milan Obradovich’s 1969 Cutlass 442 Clone

“It took me 30 years to get my 1969 442 back, which I owned new in 1969. But with the help of Mondello’s, I made it! I’ve built the entire car myself including the engine. I left the body and paint alone. Thanks Mondello’s.”
– Milan Obradovich

Engine Type: 1971 455 .060 over, line honed, decked to .025. Main studs and straps, with oil restrictors
Crank: Nodular crank. Shot peened, cross-drilled, cut .010/.010. Clearance rods .002, mains .003
Rods: Mondello re-worked stock forgings
Pistons: Speed Pro with Childs & Albert light wrist pins
Camshaft: Mondello/Engle 22-25-10 lift .512 .523 duration 274/280
Heads: Edelbrock/Mondello street/strip ported, Crane Gold race rockers, 5/16 pushrods
Induction: Edelbrock Dual Plane intake port matched and divider cut by Mondello’s
Ignition: Accel HEI, 8mm wires, timing is 30?32?nbsp;
Exhaust: Full 3″ to X-Force Cross-over to 2 chamber Flow Masters with 3′ turn downs. Sound is awesome!
Headers: 1 7/8″ Hooker headers, Jet Hot coated from Mondello’s Transmission: T.C.I. 400 with 2500 rpm stall 10″ converter
Carburetion: Demon 750 vacuum secondary jets (80 primary, 86 secondaries), 10.5 power valve. I designed an adjustable (thumb screw) vacuum restrictor for the opening of the secondaries. Throttle response is just unbelievable!
Chassis: All poly bushings front and rear. Adjustable upper rear control arms. Wilwood manual front ventilated discs, drums in rear. 12 Bolt Chevy rear end 3.55:1 Richmond gear, Eaton posi, 800 lb springs, 30 spline Moser axles, 1/2″ studs. Wheels are early all aluminum Americans, silver powder coated, then clear coated. Tires 255 front/275 rear Goodrich radials. 15 gallon fuel cell, Holley pump, all Aero-Quip fuel line, and the battery is in the right rear of the trunk. Fiberglass hood and front bumper, cut-out rear steel bumper.
Dyno-Test: Engine made 476 hp @ 4900 rpm with the cam 2?advanced to allow for cam chain stretch. Motor should go 480+. Torque was 565 lbs @ 4100 rpm. This was put together with stock pulley’s turning a Mondello aluminum pump and alternator.

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